There was a day that I would have said I’d achieved all my professional goals when I received my third straight Emmy Award as Supervising Producer of The Dr. Oz Show. But it is only one identifying mile marker on the journey.

First and foremost, I am a storyteller and a provocative question asker. My spark, my fuel – the passion that gets me out of bed in the morning – is to meet people with inspiring, challenging, and unique stories, and share them. My goal: to get to the truth of human nature - what makes us soar, what heals us and what reminds us that we are all the same.

The short CV:

•  Co-Executive Producer, FOOD = MOOD docuseries in progress (
•  Supervising Producer, The Dodo, Branded Clients (Mohonk Mountain House, Olay, Crest, American Leather)
•  Media Consultant/Producer, Assorted Medical, Alternative Health and Personal Growth Clients
•  Senior Project Supervisor,, E! New Media
•  Senior Field Producer, The Meredith Vieira Show
•  Podcast Producer, Weight Watchers, TED, Gaiam, Conscious Good
•  Supervising Producer, The Dr. Oz Show
•  Integrative Senior Producer, Meredith Corporation
•  Documentary Producer, Discovery Channel/MSNBC/VH1
•  Features Producer, The Jane Pauley Show
•  Field Producer, E! Entertainment TV

Always woven through the tapestry of my experience are the interviews. The A-list includes: Whoopie Goldberg, Steven Tyler, Deepak Chopra, Halle Berry, Dr. Mark Hyman, Richard Branson, Jesse Jackson, LL Cool J, Cheryl Richardson, Drew Barrymore, Dr. Andrew Weil, Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Robert Plant, Dr. David Perlmutter, Harrison Ford, Sheryl Crowe, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Quentin Tarentino and Tony Bennett.

Beneath the glitterati though, I have a not-so secret passion for digging deep into the subculture of human experience: the polygamists, the prostitutes, the porn addicts. Agoraphobics and body dysmorphics. The stay-at-home chardonnay moms and the dominatrix-next-door. People have stories and TV gives them a pulpit to share. Bringing those stories out is my job. 

Beyond the TV and digital work, I have embraced my love of all things personal development and spirituality. I co-hosted and produced my own show, The Rob and Cali Show, on and Apple for two years, enjoying 35K listeners each month. Guests include psychic medium John Edward, spiritual warrior Danielle LaPorte and don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. I have also hosted segments for Hay House Radio, the leading self-help publisher with a 24-hour online global radio presence, and Conscious Good. Interviews include Mars & Venus author John Gray; controversial alternative doctor, Joseph Mercola; globally-acclaimed spiritual author Don Miguel Ruiz; best-selling scientist and visionary Gregg Braden; Ayuvedic Yogi to the Stars, Yogi Cameron; and the Indiana Jones of medicine hunting, Chris Kilham.

In the end, what I do – and what I love to do – is illuminate the real lives of the brightest stars, and make bright stars of the less exposed. I travel. I photograph. I write. I meditate on the human condition and attempt to capture it through every medium at my disposal.