"When we first started The Dr. Oz Show, I would watch our tape packages and wonder if my performance on the stage could ever match their quality. More often than not, the producer behind those exceptional tapes was Cali Alpert.  Cali was and remains the most soulful of our exceptionally talented tape producers.  Her work beats with a singular emotional heart—the warmth, intimacy and empathy she brings to her stories has helped bring our show to life in the most unexpected ways.
For five years, Cali Alpert has been one of the unseen, often unsung wizards behind the success of The Dr. Oz Show—a producer and an artist whose nuanced work has helped us redefine how television can educate and motivate viewers to change and transform their lives." 

—Dr. Mehmet Oz, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, TV Host and Author

"Cali, in her role as Supervising Producer, has been a leader since the inception of The Dr. Oz Show. Her energy, professionalism and enthusiasm has motivated the Oz production team creatively, while simultaneously tending to the business of the bottom line. She has been a 100% asset to the show's success.”

—Holly Jacobs, Executive Vice President, Reality & Syndication Programming, Sony Pictures Television

“The jewels of the interview are a great story and a producer that knows a great story and has the talent to bring it to fruition. Cali Alpert is just that the crown jewel.”

—Chef Art Smith, Celebrity Chef

"I have had the opportunity of working with Cali Alpert on several occasions.  Her fresh approach as a producer and interviewer for Dr. Oz has made my job as a featured guest on the show both easy and stress-free.   I have appreciated her vision for the show, her interest in the topics at hand and her attention to every detail.  Her creativity and leadership reflect her extensive expertise and knowledge of her field, providing an experience and an end product that are as successful as they are seamless."  

—Dr. Andrew Weil, Alternative Medicine Pioneer

 “To meet Cali Alpert was so much fun; her questions are very interesting, easy-going and inspire me to go deeper into my answers.”

—Don Miguel Ruiz, Internationally-acclaimed author, ‘The Four Agreements’

 "Cali Alpert is both a consummate professional and a warm, compassionate, and deeply insightful individual. Working with her in television and radio is a real pleasure."

—Dr. William Li, President, The Angiogenesis Foundation; Medical Advisor, The Doctor Oz Show

“From the start of her career,  when Cali and I shared a foxhole in the early days of E! Entertainment Television, she demonstrated an empathy and curiosity about people that I knew would serve her well as her career progressed. She's a unique hybrid of creativity and bottom line understanding of production. Cali always delivers a polished end product that shows how deeply she connects with her guests. As a colleague, she is always warm, hard-working and helpful. As an interviewer and storyteller, she's a singular combination of investigative reporter and therapist.”

 —Mark Keizer, Executive Producer, New Media, E! Entertainment Television